Sunday, 30 March 2014

British Etiquette

British etiquette
Very useful advices from Rebecca

The do´s and dont´s

When addressing someone say ´Excuse me...Miss/Madam/Sir´

ALWAYS be polite (In England manners are considered very important so always say please and thank you)

When meeting someone for the first time make sure you make eye contact and you shake hands (this shows good manners and a polite attitude)

DON´T HUG OR KISS ANYONE!!!!!!!!!! Unlike Spain, people in Britain are not as affectionate and some people might take offence if you stand too close to them. Keep to your personal space

Be open-minded!!!! When travelling to England you will meet lots of different people and do lots of new things, so be polite and accept all offers. For example, if your host family cook something for you that you have never seen before TRY IT AND TELL THEM IT´S NICE (even if it isn´t!)!

ALWAYS BE ON TIME. Punctuality is considered very important in the UK so never be late.

BE CAREFUL! Just like everywhere else in Europe, the UK can be very dangerous (for example in London) and there are lots of pick-pocketers´

INTERACT AND BE NICE!!!!!!!!!! When staying with your host family, make sure to ask them questions about their traditions, daily routines, interests etc. You are there representing Catalonia so you want to show a positive image.

Monday, 24 March 2014



Shop attendant or shop keeper.
a) Are you being attended to?
b) Are you being served?
c) Is anybody looking after you?
d) Can I help you?


a) No, I'm after a size M t-shirt
b) No, I'm looking for a pair of trainers
c) No, I'm trying to find a pair of size 36 Blue jeans.

a) Can I try a size 36, please?
b) Could I try a size M in blue, please?
c) How much is this t-shirt, please?
d) How much are these trousers, please?

Wednesday, 26 February 2014


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 A)Waiter/waitress.- Can I take your order, madam? 
    B) You.- Can I see the menu./ Do you have the menu.
 A) Waiter.- Have you decided on something?
   B) You.- I`d like a hamburger and chips, please.
A) Waiter.- Have you choosen something, sir?
   B) You.- I`ll take a plate of pasta.
A) Waiter.- What do you fancy?
  B)  You.- I fancy a coke

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Monday, 17 February 2014


A) Excuse me, could you tell me the way to the station?
B) Go straight on and take the second on the right
A) Is it far?
B) No, it's only ten minutes walk
A) Thanks a lot
B) You are welcome

Wednesday, 12 February 2014


 A).- Good morning Sir. My name's is ...................... Nice to see you
 B.- Good morning. Nice to see you.I'm ................. Where are you from?
 A).- I'm from Spain(Catalonia).
 B.- Whereabout in Spain(Catalonia) are you from?
 A.- I'm from a small village near Barcelona.
 B.- How old are you?
 A.- I'm ...............years old


Hi! , Hello!
Good afternoon/evening.(Australia) Good day
Nice to meet you
How are you.- Fine, thanks, and you?/ Great!